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Battles and Victories of Allan Allensworth,


by Charles Alexander


In the introduction to this book by the Honorable Willie  L Brown, Jr. the Mayor says, "We measure the attainment of the American Dream in the distances traveled over the course of a lifetime.  By that standard, Allen Allensworth is a personification of that dream."


Allensworth was born into slavery in 1842 in his home state of Kentucky.  He taught himself to read and write and to speak before large groups.  He was well acquainted with such important figures as Booker T. Washington and a number of political figures of his day.   This book chronicles his life from slavery through his military service.


There are many places across the nation where Allensworth made a major contribution, however the most significant monument to his accomplishments may be in California, where Allensworth is memorialized with a State Park created at the site of the town that he helped create and which bore his name.   This book is produced in cooperation with Friends of Allensworth, the volunteer group which supports the State Park, and which supplied a number of photographs of the original town of Allensworth, CA as well as photographs by Victor Carter of restored buildings in Allenworth State Park.    

 Paperback, 272 pages, $19.95



      Front cover Battles and Victories of Allen Allensworth                           



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